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Unformatted text preview: n or incurable contagious disease 5. Persons convicted of crime involving moral turpitude 114 6. 7. 8. Persons who, during residence in the Philippines, have not mingled socially with Filipinos, or did not evince sincere desire to learn and embrace customs, traditions and ideals of Filipinos Citizens or subjects of nations with whom the Philippines is at war, during the period of such war Citizens or subjects of a foreign country whose laws do not grant Filipinos the right to become naturalized citizens or subjects thereof (no reciprocity) Q: Differentiate a Direct naturalization from a Derivative naturalization. A: Direct naturalization is effected: 1. By individual proceedings, usually judicial, under general naturalization laws 2. By specific act of the legislature, often in favor of distinguished foreigners who have rendered some notable service to the local state 3. By collective change of nationality (naturalization en masse) as a result of cession or subjugation 4. In some cases, by adoption of orphan minors as nationals of the State where they are born Derivative naturalization is conferred: 1. On the wife of the naturalized husband 2. On the minor children of the naturalized parent 3. On the alien woman upon marriage to a national 4. The unmarried child whether legitimate, illegitimate or adopted, below 18 years of age, of those who re‐ acquire Philippine citizenship upon effectivity of R.A. 9225 shall be deemed citizens of the Philippines. Note: Derivative naturalization does not always follow as a matter of course, for it is usually made subject to stringent restrictions and conditions. Our own laws, for instance, provide that an alien woman married to a Filipino shall acquire his citizenship only if she herself might be lawfully naturalized. Q: What are the effects of naturalization? A: ON THE WIFE Vests citizenship on the wife who might herself be lawfully naturalized; She need not prove her qualifications but only that she is not disqualified. POLITIC...
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