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Unformatted text preview: approved through an initiative and referendum shall not be repealed, modified or amended by the sanggunian within 6 months from the date of approval thereof, and may be amended, modified or repealed within 3 years thereafter by a vote of ¾ of all its members. In case of barangays, the period shall be 18 months after the approval thereof. (Sec. 125 R.A. 7160) Q: How is a review of the ordinances or resolutions done? A: REVIEW OF COMPONENT CITY AND REVIEW OF BARANGAY MUNICIPAL ORDINANCES ORDINANCES OR RESOLUTIONS Who reviews Sangguniang Sanggunian Panlalawigan Panglungsod or Sangguniang Bayan When copies of ordinance or resolutions be forwarded Within 3 days after Within 10 days after approval its enactment Period to examine Within 30 days after the receipt; may examine or may transmit to the provincial attorney or Within 30 days after provincial prosecutor. the receipt If the latter, must submit his comments or recommendations within 10 days from receipt of the document When declared valid If no action has been taken within 30 days after Same submission When invalid (grounds) If inconsistent with the law or city or municipal ordinance If beyond the power conferred on the Effect: Brgy ordinance sangguniang panlungsod is suspended until such time as the revision called is 198 effected(Sec. 56 and 58, R.A. 7160) Q: What is the effect of the enforcement of a disapproved ordinance or resolution? A: It shall be sufficient ground for the suspension or dismissal of the official or employee (Sec. 58, R.A. 7160) Q: When is the effectivity of ordinances or resolutions? A: GR: Within 10 days from the date a copy is posted in a bulletin board and in at least 2 conspicuous spaces. (Sec. 59(a) R.A. 7160) XPN: Unless otherwise stated in the ordinance or resolution. (Sec. 59(a) R.A. 7160) Q: What ordinances require publication for its effectivity? A: 1. Ordinances that carry with them penal sanctions. (Sec. 59(c) R.A. 7160) 2. Ordinances and resolutions passed by highly urbanized and ind...
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