This violates the principle of separation of powers

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Unformatted text preview: application and private bills shall originate exclusively in the House of Representatives. (Section 24, Art. VI) Q: What is an appropriation bill? A: It is a bill, the primary and specific aim of which is to appropriate a sum of money from the public treasury. Note: A bill creating a new office, and appropriating funds for it is not an appropriation bill. Q: What is a revenue bill? A: A revenue bill is one specifically designed to raise money or revenue through imposition or levy. Q: What is a bill of local application? A: It is one which is limited to specific localities, such as for instance the creation of a town (Bernas Commentary, p. 748, 2003). Hence, it is 32 one involving purely local or municipal matters, like a charter of a city. Q: What are private bills? A: Those which affect private persons, such as for instance a bill granting citizenship to a specific foreigner (Bernas Commentary, p.748, 2003). Q: How are private bills illustrated? A: They are illustrated by a bill granting honorary citizenship to a distinguished foreigner (Cruz, Philippine Political Law, p. 155, 1995). Note: Every bill shall embrace only one subject, as expressed in the title thereof, which does not have to be a complete catalogue of everything stated in the bill. A title expressing the general subject of the bill and all the provisions of the statute are germane to the general subject is sufficient. b. POWER OF APPROPRIATION Q: What is the power of appropriation? A: The spending power, called the “power of the purse” belongs to Congress, subject only to the veto power of the President. It carries with it the power to specify the project or activity to be funded under the appropriation law. Q: What is an appropriation law? A: A statute, the primary and specific purpose of which is to authorize release of public funds from the treasury. Q: What is budget? A: Financial program of the national government for the designated calendar year, providing for the estimates of receipts of revenues and expenditures. Q: What ar...
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