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Unformatted text preview: a copy thereof once the negotiations are completed. A petition was filed with the SC which seeks to obtain a copy of the Philippine and Japanese offers submitted during the negotiation process and all pertinent attachments and annexes thereto. Aquino invoked executive privilege based on the ground that the information sought pertains to diplomatic negotiations then in progress. On the other hand, Akbayan for their part invoke their right to information on matters of public concern. Are matters involving diplomatic negotiations covered by executive privilege? A: Yes. It is clear that while the final text of the JPEPA may not be kept perpetually confidential, the offers exchanged by the parties during the negotiations continue to be privilege even after the JPEPA is published. Disclosing these offers could impair the ability of the Philippines to deal not only with Japan but with other foreign governments in future negotiations. (AKBAYAN Citizen’s Action Party v. Aquino, G.R No. 170516, July 16, 2008) Note: Such privilege is only presumptive. Q: How is the presumption overcome? A: Recognizing a type of information as privileged does not mean that it will be considered privileged in all instances. Only after a consideration of the context in which the claim is made may it be determined if there is a public interest that calls for the disclosure of the desired information, strong enough to overcome its traditionally privileged status. (AKBAYAN Citizen’s Action Party v. Aquino, et al., G.R No. 170516, July 16, 2008) b. PROHIBITIONS, INHIBITIONS AND DISQUALIFICATIONS Q: What are the prohibitions attached to the President, Vice‐President, Cabinet Members, and their deputies or assistants? A: The President, Vice‐President, the Members of the Cabinet, and their deputies or assistants, unless otherwise provided in this Constitution shall: 1. Shall not receive any other emolument from the government or any other source (Sec. 6, Art. VII) 2. Shall not hold any other office or employment during their tenure unless: a. Other...
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