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Kaprogramor application instructthecomputerwhattodo

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Unformatted text preview: rain” of the computer CPU can only execute tasks according to the instructions given Software (a.k.a. program or application) Instruct the computer what to do Operating system software—runs automatically when the computer is turned on – Allows the user to communicate with the computer by using input devices Application software—written by programmers to perform a specific task ROM, RAM, Cache ROM, RAM, Cache RAM ROM Read Only Memory The most basic operating instructions for the computer Permanent Cannot be changed Random Access Memory Temporary memory where data and instructions can be stored Changeable / Erasable Memory empty when turned on Data is lost when turned off RAM can be saved on a disk / CD to be used Cache (cash) SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) Stores data that is frequently used so that it can be quickly retrieved by an application The CPU The CPU CPU Chip measures about 2 cm by 2 cm CPU—Central Processing Unit Directs the processing information...
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