334 IR Transportation Revolution

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Unformatted text preview: t Westminster on the west side of London. Source: www.georgianindex.net/ ldn_tollgates/Toll_gate.html http://herefordcityheritage.info/html/turnpike_gates.html Turnpikes •How might turnpike roads have contributed to development? • relieves pressure on existing roads • facilitated regional integration •Turnpike Trusts • spurred by local and regional promotors • local capital markets •Diagram source: Langton and Morris (1986) Stagecoach services from London, 1821 The Brighton Stagecoach on a Country Road Henry Thomas Alken, 1820 Diagram source: Langton and Morris (1986) Proposed Liverpool to Hull Canal Englis h Canals , 1773 Source: Gentlemen’s Magazi...
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