334 IR Transportation Revolution

Transport costs1700 road 1 shilling per ton mile

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Unformatted text preview: mpared to waterways. Transport costs(1700): Road - 1 shilling per ton mile Waterway - 2.5 pence per ton mile • Parishes were responsible for upkeep - statute labour. • Research during the 1970s and 1980s have led historians to recognize that the contribution of roads to the growth of industry and business was more significant than previously thought. • Turnpikes first established in the 17 th century and abolished in the 1880s. Turnpikes Turnpike Road Carlow to Castlecomer Notice taken from the Carlow Morning Post 1st April 1822. Secretary Robert Phillips calls a meeting to be held at Carlow on 15th April 1822. Carlow County Library Source: http:// www.askaboutireland.ie /reading-room/environment-geography/transport/growth-of-transportation Hyde Park Tollgate marks the beginning of the Bath Road a...
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