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Unformatted text preview: xcel refers to the selected cells (from the expenses worksheet) as expenses!D5:D15. If those cells were in an external workbook, the name of that workbook would preface the worksheet name. In general, references to external data look like this: [workbook name.xls]worksheet name!C1:C34 6 Tip: Using external data in formulas Use this technique to insert external data in your formulas, as well. When creating a formula, navigate to the external worksheet containing your and click to select that cell’s data for use in your formula. Excel will automatically insert the correct cell reference (including the worksheet and workbook names) into your formula. Function Cheat Sheet Functions Description Functions without arguments Rand Generates a random number between 0 and 1 Syntax Example =Rand() Generates the value of pi to 14 decminal places Functions with 1 argument Average Produces the average of the data in a range of cells Max Produces the greatest value in a column of cells Hour Returns the number of hours past midnight for the specified time Minute Returns the number of minutes past the hour for the specified time Sqrt Produces the square root of its argument Functions with 2 arguments Round Rounds a value to a specified digit to the left or right of the decimal point =Pi() =Rand()*3; (generates a random number between 0 and 3) =Pi() =average(Cx:Cy) =average(C1:C12) =max(Cx:Cy) =max(C1:C12) =hour(Cx) =hour(time) =hour(A34) =hour(1:...
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