In this way you can consolidate data from multiple

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Unformatted text preview: you can also use data on other worksheets or in other. In this way, you can consolidate data from multiple sources into an executive summary. • Before beginning, open any workbooks that contain data to be used in your function. • Select the cell into which you want to insert a function. • Open the Paste Function window, click on the name of the function you wish to insert, and click OK. • Collapse the gray syntax window, using the collapse button (labeled with a red arrow). • Navigate so that the worksheet or workbook containing your data is visible on your screen. • Drag to select the range of cells to be included as the function’s first argument. Type enter. • Excel will insert the reference to the cells that you selected (including the name of the external worksheet and workbook) into your function. Click OK to finish your function. Tip: Naming external data ranges When you select a range of cells on an external worksheet, Excel will add the name of your external worksheet to the cell range reference that it creates. In the example above, E...
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