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Unformatted text preview: 35 PM) =minute (Cx) =minute (time) =minute(A34) =minute(1:35 PM) =sqrt(Cx) =sqrt(number) =sqrt(Cx) =sqrt(9) =round(Cx, number) =round (value, number) Countif =countif(Cx:Cy, “>criteria”) =round(A22, 2); (rounds to 2 decimal places) =round (123.45,0); (rounds to 0 decimal places) =countif(C1:C12, “>150”) Pi Counts the number of cells in a range that meet a specified criteria 7 Functions Description Functions with 3 arguments If Provides the basis for a decision; if condition is met, one answer is returned; if condition is not met, another answer is returned Sumif Produces the sum of the cells in a range if any cells in a second range meet a selection criterion Syntax Example =if(condition,“a nswer1”, ”answer2) =if(A1>0,”yes”,”no); if the value of A1 is positive, Excel returns the answer “yes”; otherwise, Excel returns the answer “no” =sumif(Cx:Cy,c riterion,Dx:Dy) Cx:Cy: the range of cells to meet the criterion Dx:Dy: the range of cells from which sum will be calculated Functions with one or more arguments And Returns a =and(condition logical TRUE 1,condition2, response if all condition3…) of its arguments are true; otherwise returns false Or Returns a =or(condition1, logical TRUE condition2, response if one condition3…) or more arguments are true; otherwise returns false Sum Totals the data =sum(Cx:Cy,Dx in a column of ,Dy) cells =sumif(C1:C12, >150,D1:D12) =and(A1>0,A2>1,A3>3) =or(A1>70,A1<80) =sum(C1:C12) Referencing a range of cells…. • • • In other worksheets: worksheet!A1:D4 In other workbook: c:\my documents\[test.xls]Sheet1!A2:A5 Across several worksheets: sheet1:sheet5!A12 8...
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