Select the cell into which you want to insert a

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Unformatted text preview: exact syntax of each function. • Select the cell into which you want to insert a function. • From the Insert menu, choose Function. Alternatively, you can click on the Paste Function button on the standard toolbar. 2 • In the Paste Function window, click on the function category containing the function you want. Next, click on the name of the function you wish to insert. Once you have selected a function, click OK. • Next, Excel will display a syntax window to help you construct the function. From this window, first click on the collapse button (labeled with a red arrow) to the right of the box labeled Number1 or Value1 (depending on the function you chose to insert). • Drag to select the range of cells to be included as the function’s first argument. Type enter. • To insert additional arguments into the function, follow this process using the other Number boxes in the syntax window. When you have finished, click OK in the syntax window to insert the function into your worksheet. • 3 Searching for help on functions From the Paste Function window, Excel offers help on a function that you have selected as well as help finding the funct...
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