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Cer tificate copy alo ng with the application name of

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Unformatted text preview: copy alo ng with the application) Name of the Parents/ Guardian: Contact N umber E-mail Address (Candidate) Mailing Address (Postal Address): City Phone: State P IN Fax: E-mail Address (Alternative) Five year Integrated Programme in Management at IIM Indore - Applic ation 1 (II) ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS A. Provide complete and accurate information on examination marks in all columns. B. Wherever you have received letter grades or grade points instead of marks, provide equivalent marks and attach a certificate from competent authority explaining the method of conversion. Where such conversions are not possible, please provide an explanatory note in the additional space provided at the end of this page. The Admission Committee's decision in such cases would be final. Schooling: Standard Name of Board/ University Year Total Max. Marks/Grade Total Marks/Grade Ob...
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