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Unformatted text preview: r lose if she plays the game four times? E(x) = (2*.4167) + (-1 * .4167) + (0 * .167) = 0.4167 * 5 = 2.083 Stat 21 Quiz #3 October 12, 2011 3. True or False: the binomial formula can be used to compute the following probabilities. If so, calculate the probability. If not, explain why you cannot use the binomial formula. A) The probability that the commute from Berkeley to San Francisco will take less than 40 minutes during rush hour is .27. If a commuter leaves her house at 8am each morning of a 5‐day work week, and each commute time is independent from all the others, what is the chance she will arrive to work by 8:40am on 3 of those days? True. P = .27 K=3 N=5 5! / 3! (5-3)! * .27^3 (1-.27)^2 = .105 B) A highway patrol officer is looking for speeders on 880. So far, all 400 cars that have passed her patrol car have been under the speed limit. What are the chances that the next car will...
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