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Unformatted text preview: same for all cars. B) The probability that the commute from Berkeley to San Francisco will take less than 40 minutes during rush hour is .27. If a commuter leaves her house at 8am each morning of a 5‐day work week, and each commute time is independent from all the others, what is the chance she will arrive to work by 8:40am on 3 of those days? True. P = .27 K = 3 N = 5 5! / 3! (5‐3)! * .27^3 (1‐.27)^2 = .105 C) How many ways can 15 students be seated in a row of 4 desks so that there is always at least one empty desk between the students? False. This question is a combination and cannot be calculated with the binomial formula. Stat 21 Quiz #3 October 12, 2011 Name______________________________________________ Section # ___________________________________________ VERSION B 1. X is a random variable defined as: x ‐1 0 1 P(x) .30 .45 .25 A) Draw the cumulative distribution function (cdf) f...
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