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26given the dna sequence 5actgcgatcgta3 which dna

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Unformatted text preview: organisms interact with their environments, exchanging matter and energy? a) Chloroplasts b) Mitochondria c) Lysosome d) A and B e) None of the above 24)When placed in a basic solution water: a) Acts as a buffer b) Donates hydrogen ions to solution c) Accepts hydrogen ions from solution d) A and B e) A and C 25)Which functional group(s) is (are) present in this molecule? a) b) c) d) e) Carbonyl Carboxyl Methyl A and C A and B 26) A corresponds to a) Glycosidic bond, lipids b) ATP, passive transport c) Microfilaments, movement d) Microtubules, desmosomes e) Degradation, endoplasmic reticulum . 26)Given the DNA sequence 5’ ­ACTGCGATCGTA ­3’, which DNA sequence would be its pair? a) 5’ ­TGACGCTAGCAT ­3’ b) 5’ ­ACTGCGATCGTA ­3’ c) 5’ ­TACGATCGCAGT ­3’ d) 5’ ­ACTGCGATCGTA ­3’ e) 5’ ­TCAGCGTAGGCT ­3’ 27)A virus does not have it’s own way of giving rise to other viruses. It hijacks another cell and causes the host cell to produce more viruses. Does this follow cell theory? Why? a) Yes, all cells arise from preexisting living cells b) Yes, all organisms are composed of one or more cells c) Yes, the cell is the most basic unit of structure, function and organization is all organisms. d) No, violates all cells arise from preexisting cells e) None of the above. 28)In your pancreas, there are special cells that produce the hormone insulin. Insulin is a protein that is composed of 4 distinct units of proteins. What is the final structure of insulin and what type of organelle would you expect to be overly present in the pancreas? a) Tertiary, rough endoplasmic reticulum b) Tertiary,...
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