What organelle would be affected a smooth endoplasmic

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Unformatted text preview: Golgi apparatus c) Quaternary, smooth endoplasmic reticulum d) Quaternary, rough endoplasmic reticulum e) Tertiary, smooth endoplasmic reticulum 29)Which structure does not correspond to the listed function? a) Mitochondrionenergy production b) Ribosomeprotein synthesis c) Lysosomeforms hydrogen peroxide d) Nucleus synthesis of rRNA e) Golgi apparatus modification of phospholipids 30)Given the following RNA transcript, what would be its corresponding DNA strand? 5’ ­UGCACGUACCGGAU ­3’ a) 5’ ­ACGUGCAUGGCCUA ­3’ b) 5’ ­AUCCGGUACGUGCA ­3’ c) 5’ ­ATCCGGTACGTGCA ­3’ d) 5’ ­ACGTGCATCCGGTA ­3’ e) 5’ ­TUCCGGUTCGUGCA ­3’ 31)When the following molecule forms a polymer, what type of bond does it use? a) b) c) d) e) Glycosidic bond Peptide bond Phosphodiester linkage Ester bond None of the above 32)When a certain poison enters the cell, it attaches itself to a protein within an organelle responsible for detoxification. What organelle would be affected? a) Smooth endoplasmic reticulum b) Golgi apparatus c) Rough endoplasmic reticulum d) Mitochondrion e) Ribosome 33)For a cell to receive food, it engulfs the surrounding fluid into vesicles to receive nutrients. What is this process called? a) Exocytosis b) Phagocytosis c) Receptor ­mediated pinocytosis d) Pinocytosis e) Receptor ­mediated endocytosis 34)In the neuron, a membrane protein allows sodium to enter down its concentration gradient when a neurotransmitter is bound to the protein. This protein is known as a) Ion channel b) Gated ion channel c) Channel protein d) Pump e) Leak channel 35)In the cell membrane, which of these structures do not correspond...
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