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What would be true of those isomers a all would have

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Unformatted text preview: transport d) Enter via aquaporins e) Enter via transporter proteins 15)Which of the following functional groups would be found in amino acids? a) Sulfhydryl b) Amino c) Carboxyl d) B and C e) A, B and C 16)Which of the following functional groups would not be found in a monosaccharide? a) Carboxyl b) Carbonyl c) Hydroxyl d) Amino e) A and D 17)You have been given a compound in which you know has structural isomers. What would be true of those isomers? a) All would have the same properties b) Would contain an asymmetric carbon c) They would differ in arrangement around a double bond d) They would have differing number of carbon but the same total elements to make up the molecule e) They would differ in branching 18)Of the following nitrogenous bases, which would not have the capability to pair together? a) Adenine and thymine b) Guanine and cytosine c) Thymine and uracil d) Adenine and cytosine e) C and D 19)Which of the following does not happen? a) Chloroplasts in a plant cell b) Central vacuole in an animal cell c) Lysosomes in both animal and plant cells d) A and C e) B and C 20)Which of the following organelles would not be involved in protein synthesis? a) Nucleus b) Rough endoplasmic reticulum c) Lysosome d) Ribosome e) Golgi apparatus 21)By simple diffusion: a) Water will flow into a hypertonic cell b) Water will flow into a hypotonic cell c) Water will flow out of a isotonic cell d) There will be no diffusion of water into an isotonic cell e) Water will flow into an isotonic cell. 22)Which of the following would not be suspected to use channel transport? a) Hydrogen ions b) Sodium ions c) Amino acids d) O2 e) Water 23)Which of the following organelles best illustrate the theme “...
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