A rainforest poison dart frog amphibians b new york

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Unformatted text preview: ikely to see? a) b) c) d) e) Glycosidic Peptide Ester linkage Disulfide bridges Phosphodiester linkage 8) Which of the following are listed in proper order of levels of biological organization (largest to smallest)? a) Rainforest, poison dart frog, amphibians ` b) New York City, ducks in Central Park, cartilage c) Swamp, methane, alligators d) Mitochondria, ATP, muscle e) Great Barrier Reef, Dorie, the drop ­off 9) Which of the following would you expect to not have a nucleus/nuclei? a) E. coli b) Muscle cells c) Mushrooms d) Moss on a rock e) Amoeba 10)If you had an element with 97 protons and 45 neutrons and had a radioactive particle released that caused 4 protons to be released and the mass number to decrease by 9, how many protons and neutrons would you end up with? a) 93, 142 b) 89, 45 c) 93, 36 d) 97, 36 e) 93, 40 11)Of the following elements, which of their valence shells would be expected to have the highest potential energy? a) Oxygen b) Lithium c) Iodine d) Neon e) Potassium 12)Which of the following would you expect to be least water ­soluble? a) Phospholipids b) Triglyceride c) Single amino acid d) Potassium ion e) Nucleic acid 13)Which of the following would require ATP to be used? a) Movement of water into a cell when the cell has a lower water content than the environment b) Nonpolar small molecules entering the cell c) Channel proteins carrying ions into the cell d) Sodium being pumped out of the cell into the extracellular fluid with a greater positive charge than within the cell. e) Flow of glucose into an energy deprived cell 14)To get low density lipoproteins into a cell: a) Directly cross plasma membrane b) Enter by endocytosis c) Enter under active...
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