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Unformatted text preview:   π orbital is full contains 2 e– π* orbital is empty Nu = nucleophile Nu has at least one lone pair of e–’s to donate Nu’s filled orbital overlap with CO’s π* orbital CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 9 O H O H A A.  B.  C.  D.  A and B B and C A and D A, B and D H N B O S C OH D •  we must remember that nucleophiles are also Lewis Acids •  acid ­base reac:ons are FAST and will happen before π ­bond a`ack (especially when the equilibrium favours the products! •  example: O CH 3CH2Li solvent = CH 3CH2OH CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 11 •  always check the pKa’s! •  can’t use a pro:c solvent: solvent containing X ­H bonds –  H2O, CH3CH2OH, NH3 etc…) •  must u...
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