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O ch4 ch3oh hch o hco h co 2 answer by looking at the

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Unformatted text preview: nyl groups Organometallics Hydrates, acetals, and hemiacetals Cyanohydrin forma:on Imine Reac:ons CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 20 •  general reac:on: 1) source of H – 2) H + /H2O work up O C R1 OH R1 R2 C H R2 •  reducing agent = source of H– (hydride) –  NaBH4 or LiAlH4 CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 21 •  Oxida:on: loss of e– = increase in ox. state •  Reduc:on: gain of e– = decrease in ox. state OIL RIG CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 22 •  but carbon almost always has 4 bonds (8 e–) •  how can we tell if it’s ‘gaining’ or ‘losing’ e–? O CH4 CH3OH HCH O HCO H CO 2 •  Answer: by looking at the electronega4vity of the atoms connected to carbon CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 23 •  Oxida:on = a reac:on that –  the # of atoms more...
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