O o h a chm1321 o ch 3 b o oh c bonds as electrophiles

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Unformatted text preview: se apro:c solvents –  examples: O O H N O ‘ether’ diethyl ether CHM1321 THF tetrahydrofuran π bonds as electrophiles DMF N,N ­dimethylformamide 12 •  hydrides: source of H– •  sodium borohydride = NaBH4 –  H– acts as a nucleophile •  sodium hydride = NaH –  H– acts as a base H Na B H CHM1321 H Na–H H π bonds as electrophiles 13 •  what are the rela:ve reac:vi:es of the following? O O H A CHM1321 O CH 3 B O OH C π bonds as electrophiles N D 14 CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 15 •  the electrophilic carbon is sp2...
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