G na li etc if the counterion is mg2x grignard reagent

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Unformatted text preview: HM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 4 •  electron rich: C C H 2C OH NH 3 •  counter ­ion is a metal ca:on (e.g. Na+, Li+, etc.) –  if the counter ­ion is Mg2+X– = GRIGNARD REAGENT CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 5 X M Nu C + R X C R R Nu H X R R C Nu •  short form: “over ­the ­arrow nota:on”: CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 6 R •  back to molecular orbital theory… CHM1321 π bonds as electrophiles 7 Energy OR OR Carbon’s AO CHM1321 MO’s π bonds as electrophiles Oxygen’s AO 8 •  •  •  •  ...
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