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Stabilizes the negamve charge h h c h o h h o h h c f

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Unformatted text preview: e effect hybridizaMon Acids & Bases 26 •  going down a column, atomic radius increases F– small volume high charge density less stable stronger base CHM1321 I– large volume low charge density more stable weaker base Acids & Bases 27 •  examples: CHM1321 Acids & Bases 28 •  going across a period, e/n increases •  as e/n increases, conjugate base can beOer stabilize the negaMve charge CH 3 O H + O H CH 3 O + H H CH 3 N H CHM1321 H + O O H H H CH 3 N H H Acids & Bases + H O H H 29 •  examples: CHM1321 Acids & Bases 30 •  resonance in the conjugate base delocalizes the charge stabilizes the anion CH 3 O + H O H CH 3 + O H O H H O O C CH 3 CHM1321 H H O + O + C H CH 3 H Acids & Bases O H O H H 31 CHM1321 Acids & Bases 32 •  adding electronegaMve atoms stabilizes the negaMve charge H H C H O H + H O H H C F CHM1321 O + H H H F F C O H H F O H + O H F H C F Acids & Bases O + H O H H 33 CHM1321 Acids & Bases 34 •  this effect: –...
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