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Having a cell phone has improved the quality of my

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Unformatted text preview: ed the quality of my life Attitudes about the future Strongly/Somewhat Agree 67% I w ill have a mobile phone f or as long as I live. li 62% I w ish mobile phones could be ordered w ith just the features I choose. I don't care about the technology behind my phone as long as it does w hat I w ant. In the future w hen on my ow n, a mobile phone is the only type of phone I w ill have. Mobile phone service should be free and paid for by mobile advertisers just like broadcast TV. 41% 39% 38% Q1370 - How do you feel about the following statements? (n=1071) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. I am concerned about privacy and security issues w hen using my mobile. 46% Teens Knowledge About Cell Phones Compared to Their Favorite Things Much/Somewhat more/About the same 62% Cell Phones 49% 41% 13-15 16-17 18-19 Q1300 - Please think about how much you know about your favorite things (e.g., hobby, sports team). think about how much you know about your favorite things (e hobby sports team) In thinking about your knowledge level of those things in your life you are most interested in, how would you rate your knowledge of cell phones, carriers and service plans? (n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. Other Favorite Things Why Teens Carry Cell Phones… The 2 BIGGEST Motivators 89% 78% 50% 27% 84% 72% 28% 23% It's the way I stay in touch 23% It makes me feel safe while on the go Q800 - People carry their phone around with them for a variety of reasons. Using the scale below, please tell us why you carry a cell phone by stating how much each of the following statements describes how you feel. (n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE Describes completely Describes very well Describes pretty well ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. 16% The Power of Safety! Have you updated your Marketing plan recently? Many teens use their phone to help them get out of a jam when they need a ride 79% 51% Over 1 in 3 teens use their phone to reach out and help others in trouble 35% 24% Call someone to pick you up when you missed a ride Get information you desperately needed Be a good Samaritan and help someone else in trouble Get help when you had car problems/a flat tire Get help in an emergency (i.e., call 911) Q1055 - Have you ever used your cell phone to … ? (n=1...
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