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Carly Lejnieks-A Generation Unplugged

No 41 yes 59 yes i would be willing but only in return

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Unformatted text preview: s, I would be willing - but only if I chose to whom my information is provided. 20% 16% Q1150 - Which of the following best describe your willingness to provide profile information about yourself to your wireless provider so that ads could be custom tailored to your needs? (n=2189) Q1155 - Who would you be willing to trust to keep your profile information safe? (n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. Willingness to Provide Profile Information The Dream Device – Phone Qualities Some Things Can Be Fixed Immediately Top 2 Box – I want that now/Like it a lot 81% It would be shock and water proof. would be s hock and water proof. 80% It would have an endless power supply, no need to charge it. It would be completely scratch proof. 78% It would have a privacy screen so only your eyes could see would have privacy s creen s o only y our eyes c ould s ee what is on your screen. 58% When you need to type, keys automatically pop up through the touchscreen so you have a full keyboard. 36% Q1220 - We would like to know what your dream mobile device of the future will look like and what features it will have? (n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. A mobile device that has artificial intelligence. I'd ask it questions and it would answer me like a person would. 50% What Teens Want on Their Next Phone I’d use it all/most of the time Translate any language instantly View 3D holographic dis play s Control things in my house Text order t o restaurant order to restaurant To record/TiVO TV shows Use my phone to pay for things Ability to vote 34% 16% 28% 24% 23% 62% 15% 21% 62% 17% 30% 13% 57% 14% 24% 11% 15% 53% 14% 25% 10% 13% 49% 12% 44% I'd use it all the time I'd use it most of the time I'd use it sometimes Q1205 - Using the scale below, please indicate your desire to perform the following on your cell phone in the future. (n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE 74% 23% 67% 16% 24% 22% 24% ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. Emergency transmitter The Dream Device – What It Looks Like Top 2 Box – I want that now/Like it a lot It would be made of a flexible material that folds into any shape and unfolds to any desired size. 39% The mobile device should ju...
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