Carly Lejnieks-A Generation Unplugged

Get if i stay with your brand over time q1380 please

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Unformatted text preview: will affect your loyalty to your current cell phone brand (n=1071) HARRIS INTERACTIVE 41% ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. 65% 1 in 3 Teens Play Games on Their Phone Plenty of Room for Improvement! 50% 52% A better game selection Games already on my phone 31% 49% 49% Better graphics 27% Faster/smoother game play 1 in 4 said they will never play games on their phone 38% 34% 41% A larger screen 30% 25% Better controls 15% 18% More memory 22% 13% Touchscreen controls controls 16% 7% 5% Separate/Detachable controller 4% 5% Male Female Q915 - If cost were not a factor, which of the following would influence you to play more games on your phone? (n=1639) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. Physical buttons controls How Do You Jumpstart Gaming? 2 Ideas we tested … Almost half of teens who play video games now would love to be now would love to be able to transfer games to their handheld 47% 31% 27% 21% 20% Ability to pause and transfer game to cell phone Ability to move phone for game interaction Q920 - What do you think about the ability to move your phone to interact with a game you are playing on your cell phone? (n=1521) Q925 - How would you like it if you could pause the game, transfer it over to your cell phone and pick up right where you left off in the game on your cell phone? (n=1393) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. 10% Social and Personal Information Browsers Almost 1 in 3 teens is browsing the web on their phone Email Social networking sites 48% Weather 46% Driving directions Yes 28% 29% Sports 28% US/Local news 27% Things for class No 72% 24% Reviews 22% International news 12% Blogs 12% Q835 - What types of information do you browse for on your cell phone? (n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. Do you browse the web on your cell phone? 57% 1 in 5 Teens Do Social Networking Tasks on Phone Of the 19% of teens who visit social networking sites … Message friends/family 62% Update your current status Less than once per week, 7% A c oup...
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