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Unformatted text preview: st be software and take the shape of whatever we wish. 31% 27% It would be paper thin. It should be part of our eyes (i.e., a pair of sunglasses or an eyepiece). We need to see full screen entertainment, talk, and see the Internet all at once. 26% It would be part of what I wear (e.g., watch, wristband, jewelry). 23% It could be a small earpiece that reads our brainwaves. You think about calling or texting someone and it does it. 23% There would be no personal mobiles just public devices everywhere. When we pick one up our fingerprints configure the phone to our needs . 20% 18% Q1220 - We would like to know what your dream mobile device of the future will look like and what features it will have? (n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. We should be able to order the mobile device and piece it together like LEGOs. Bundle My Devices I w ant all my want all my devices combined into one. 16% I want all my devices kept separate. 19% Q1210 - Would you rather have a single device that combines the multiple things you carry with you on a daily basis (e.g., books, money and etc.) or would you rather carry around these things separately? (n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. I want some of my devices combined. 65% Building the Best Teen Bundle Items Selected as Part of Bundle (up to 5 items) iPod/MP3 player 71% GPS 47% Desktop/Laptop computer 41% Portable Video Player 39% Access your desktop/notebook computer files anywhere 36% Universal remote for things in my home 33% 28% Graphing/scientific calculator Digital Books/School textbooks 27% Digital Wallet (e.g., cash and credit cards) 26% Digital Keys 21% Carry your mirror/makeup 10% 6% Medical records 6% Q1215 - What things outside of the basic cell phone features (i.e., camera, calendar, calculator, etc.) would you like bundled into your dream mobile device? Chose up to 5 items from the list below that would be combined to make up your dream mobile device. (n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. Medical supplies/devices (e.g. insulin/blood tester, heart rate monitor) For More Information For additional information regarding the full survey results, please contact: ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. Carly Lejnieks Harris Interactive at (585) 214-7415 [email protected] HARRIS INTERACTIVE...
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