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N2189 q1015 what do you like most about texting on

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Unformatted text preview: NTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. 27% 29% Teens High Expectations….. Can our industry meet the challenges? Security that guarantees only you have access to data on your phone 27% 24% 29% Improve our health and safety by having medical records, hospitals and rescue works all aware of critical information w orks all aware of critical i nformation 33% 20% 13% 66% The freedom to get an education from any location on earth 34% 18% 14% 80% 66% Bring the world closer by better understanding global issues 32% 36% Keeping up with my social responsibility (i.e., volunteering) A single global network to bring the world closer with easier communication on that network 34% 18% 14% 14% 13% 63% 9% 59% 10% 58% Provide a virtual world of communication with those you care about (think Star Wars 4 Virtual meetings with holographic presences) 30% 16% 9% 55% Helping keep me aware of environmental issues 31% 16% 8% 55% Change the structure of how people work (work at home or wherever, almost no offices and commuting) 33% 14% 24% 10% 7% 41% Redefine entertainment (make movie theatres extinct, create virtual worlds and vacations) 23% 9% 6% 38% Important Very important Absolutely essential Q1225 - How important are each of the following mobile technologies in providing for your future? n=2189) HARRIS INTERACTIVE ©2007, Harris Interactive Inc. Eliminate mone y and credit cards - the mobile wa y of p urchasin g will transform economy 8% 55% What Improves Teen Loyalty to Their Cell Phones Extreme/Strong impact 55% 13-15 year olds – 52% 16-17 year olds – 44% 18-19 year olds – 33% 43% Don't charge for features I don't like or don't use. 39% Make me feel that my needs I could trial some cell phones There could be special limited Allow me to customize the are important. to see if I like it. edition phones that I could phone to fit my needs. get if I stay with your brand over time. Q1380 - Please rate how each of the following will affect your loyalty to your current cell phone brand. (n=1071) rate how each of the following...
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