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another high school age girl describes a creative

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Unformatted text preview: ols. As institutions that are often called upon to serve in loco parentis , schools take a variety of approaches towards the regulation of the mobile phone within their four walls and on their campuses. When it comes to possession of a mobile phone during the school day, just 12% of teens with cell phones say that they can have a cell phone at their school at all times. A majority of teens (62%) say that they can have a cell phone at school but not in class, and another quarter of teens (24%) attend schools that forbid cell phones altogether. Our focus group conversations support these findings and suggest that most schools treat phones as a disruptive force to be kept turned off and away from the classroom. Many teens talked about a tiered system based on a "if they can see it, they can take it" Pew Internet & American Life Project Teens and Mobile Phones | 139 philosophy. An older high school girl describes a common system: "Yeah, it ’s happened to me three times. The...
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