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Unformatted text preview: their friends as task -driven, and used phrases like "taking care of business" and "more to the point" to described the succinct nature with which they communicate with friends. In contrast, they described texting with girls as being more about flirting and getting to know one another. Typical of their comments are the following: l [Texting with girls] is just like b.s., like you don ’t really need to be talking to them but you just are because you like them, they like you. With your other [male] friends, it ’s just like ‘Oh, we ’re going to go to the movies and then do this and do that. ’ And that ’s it. (Boy, high school) l If I text my friend, it ’s not for conversation. It ’s like ‘Hey, I ’m headed home from school, where are you? ’ And then ‘Oh, I ’m over here at the store or something, I ’ll be over in a minute. ’ And that ’s it. But when I ’m talking with my girlfriend, it ’s all day. So all day conversation. (Boy, middle school) F...
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