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as with texting it is the older teen girls who are

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Unformatted text preview: Several teens noted that to call means that it is something that is important. However, if the teens are simply checking in with one another, texting is an easy way to touch base. A middle school boy said, "If I ’m texting, it ’s just people I hang out with everyday." And a high school girl said, "I text more than I talk. . . like my family I call, but its like friends and stuff text me." Mobile voice: Sometimes has advantages over texting. As noted earlier in this chapter, after texting, the most common way to contact friends was calling via the cell phone. Overall, 72% of all teens, not just those with a cell phone, say they make voice calls on a mobile phone and 38% did so on a daily basis. Among cell phone owners, 50% made calls on a daily basis. Interestingly only 4% of those with a mobile phone reported never making calls. This compares with 28% who never use the texting function. Put another way, while 96% of teens who have a mobile phone use it to make calls, "only" 72% use it for texting. Clear...
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