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fathers 44 were more likely than mothers 31 to agree

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Unformatted text preview: g a cell phone. For many cell phone owners, safety is a primary benefit. Fully 98% of parents agree with the statement: "A major reason my child has a cell phone is so we can be in touch no matter where he/she is." Every African -American parent in our survey whose teenage child has a cell phone agreed with this assertion, as did 98% of white parents and 95% of Hispanic parents. Moreover, personal safety is a significant factor among those who own cell phones. Fully 94% of parents and 93% of those ages 12 -17 agreed with the statement: "I feel safer because I can always use my cell phone to get help." Girls and mothers are more likely than boys and fathers to agree with that. Some 97% of teen girls ages 12 -to -17 who own cell phones and 98% of the mothers who own cell phones agree with the statement that they feel safer "because I can always use my cell phone to get help." That compares with 89% of teen boys and 89% of fathers who say they agree with that Pew Internet & American Life Project statement. Every single girl respondent in our survey who was age...
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