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m obile communications re negotiation of the social

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Unformatted text preview: 09. C ox Communications (2009) Cox Communications Teen Online & Wireless Safety Survey, in P artnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children ® ( NCMEC) and John W alsh. 22 F ortunati, L. (2005). Mobile telephone and the presentation of self. In R. Ling & P. Pedersen ( Eds.), M obile Communications: Re -negotiation of the Social Sphere ( pp. 203 - 2 18). London: Springer. I to, M., Okabe, D., and Matsuda, M. 2005. P ersonal, portable, pedestrian: Mobile phones in J apanese life . Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. Pew InternetP& American Life Project How the Urban Poor Acquire and Give Meaning to the Teens and Mobile Phones | 22 ortus, Lourdes, 2008 Mobile Phone in K atz, J.E. H andbook of Mobile Communication Studies . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. K atz, James E., Lever, Katie M., and Chen, Yi -Fan. 2008. Mobile Music as Environmental C ontrol and Prosocial Entertainment. in Katz, J.E. H andbook of Mobile Communication W alsh. 22 F ortunati, L. (2005). Mobile tel...
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