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Unformatted text preview: nts to misunderstandings that can arise from trying to express oneself with 160 characters or less of text. Several of the participants mentioned how it can at times be difficult to establish shared meaning through texting, especially with the tone of a message. For example, one high school girl from the interviews stated, "I think that 50% of the arguments I have with friends are that reason. I rarely fight but whenever I do have an argument, someone will send me a text message and I ’ll be like, well that was rude, and they didn ’t mean anything by it. I was like, ‘Oh, OK, my bad. ’" These types of misunderstandings can emerge from simple punctuation use, or in this case the lack of it: "It ’s usually if they say something and put a period at the end. It ’ll be, like, really abrupt, and you ’ll be, like, ‘Oh, that sounded like they are mad. ’" Participants also discussed how sending a text to the wrong person is a common problem that can lead to regret. This can happen as a re...
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