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others noted that when planning a get together with

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Unformatted text preview: cause it would sever the connectivity parents have come to rely on. In the words of a high school boy "[My parents] always needed us, they always needed me to have it, more than I needed to have it. Like, my mom always needed to reach me, so she would never take away the phone as punishment, because it was more useful for me to have it than for her to take it away." Changing plans on the fly – a major boon. One of the major changes that mobile phones have introduced to the social world is that they allow people to coordinate their schedules and meeting places and then micro coordinate a rendezvous. The cell phone gives teens (and others) the ability to call directly to one another and iteratively work out the time and the location of their meeting. Having a cell phone means that they are not stuck sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring as they plan their social lives. Rather, they can be en route to a location and, if better alternatives arise, they can adjust their plans as needed. This individual address...
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