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Unformatted text preview: o instigate the phone ’s purchase. "I was also twelve. I got it …um, my mom got it for me to communicate with my parents, if I was walking, going to be late from school, or walking home. I didn ’t care that much about it, it was cool to have, but I got along fine without it." Parents and limits on cell phone use. Although parents often facilitate the initial purchase of a mobile phone, they seldom obtain a phone for their teen and then step out of the picture. Phones are regulated by parents and used as parenting tools. Parents often place limits on the times of day their teen can use his or her phone, as well as the numbers of minutes they can use or texts they may send. Parents look at the contents of their teen ’s phone, use the phone to monitor their child ’s location and take the phone away as punishment. About two -thirds (64%) of parents say that they look at the contents of their child ’s phone, including looking at the address book, call log, text messages or pictures. Another two -thirds (62%) have...
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