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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

some of the regrets expressed in the sessions were

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Unformatted text preview: especially the lean channel of texting, is that it lends itself to uninhibited behavior for some users. One girl in high school explained that "many people use texting as a way not to do it face -to -face," indicating that some feel less accountable when texting. As a high school boy put it, "People have bigger mouths through text," making it easier for them to deliver threats and insults. Although they embrace text messaging, many teens also regret messages they have sent. As this report has detailed, text messaging has become a primary resource for maintaining contact with peers and coordinating social life among teens. While most young people in this study (and overall) embrace the utility of text messaging for anytime, anywhere private exchanges, many experience feelings of regret about their Pew Internet & American Life Project use of this channel. Almost Teens and over a half (47%) of teen cell phone owners reported regretMobile Phones | 152 text message they have sent. There is a notable trend by age, with 12 year -olds reporting a much lower occurrence of feelings of regret (28%) than the rest. Regret over a text maintaining...
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