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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

the term disrespectful came up quite frequently in

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Unformatted text preview: rs were more likely than texters (62% vs. 49%) to shut off their cell phones from time to time. Focus groups revealed that teens are generally reluctant to shut their phones off completely, with many of the teens we spoke with saying adamantly that they never turn their phones off or turn them off only when the battery is dying or when they are getting spammed. When they want a "break" from their phones or are in a social setting where a noisy phone might be inappropriate or disrespectful, most teens prefer putting their phones on vibrate rather than turning them off completely. As one middle school boy explained, "If I ’m sitting and watching TV I ’ll have it on vibrate because like. . . or the sports game thing. . . my dad will normally be watching it with me or my mom and it gets really annoying if every time you get a text it goes ‘do -da -do -da -doo -doo. ’" Teens who do turn their phones off occasionally do so for a variety of reasons. Some do so when they want to concentrate on a task at hand, such a...
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