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this is especially true of girls some 77 of them say

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Unformatted text preview: the teen is unavailable (for example, during doctor ’s appointments, class they get mad if I don ’t text back, like, five seconds later. It just becomes a problem. In particular, teens expressed annoyance with other teens who "don ’t get the hint" when they do not return a text message or who insist on trying to reach them at times when they know the teen is unavailable (for example, during doctor ’s appointments, class time, at night, etc.). As one girl related, l I hate like, especially when it ’s just me and my boyfriend hanging out, and my friends will just text me over and over, ‘what r u doing?, what r u doing? ’ and they ’ll resend it because they think you didn ’t get it when really you ’re just busy, and that ’s when I ’ll turn [my phone] off. This was one of many stories teens related of friends texting the same message repeatedly, over the course of just a few minutes, in an attempt to get a response, or of texting question marks or "r u there?" messages if they do not get a response quickly enough. Teens are also anno...
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