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16 several themes have been central in these analyses

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Unformatted text preview: S that evolved from a small number of articles to edited books and eventually to both popular and more scholarly books on mobile communication. 16 Several themes have been central in these analyses. One is the use of cell phones in the "micro -coordination" of daily interaction. 17 As the name implies, this line of research examines how the cell phone allows for a more nuanced form of coordination. Instead of having to agree on a time and place beforehand, individuals can negotiate the location and the timing of meetings as a situation clarifies itself. Micro -coordination can be used to organize get -togethers and it can be used to sort out the logistics of daily life (e.g. sending reminders to one another or exchanging information on the fly). Pew Internet & American Life Project Extending this concept further, the cell phone can be used to coordinateTeens and Mobile Phones | 18 so called "flash mobs" as well as different kinds of protests. 18 location and the timing of...
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