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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

219 238 kluwer academic publishers k atz j and aakhus

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Unformatted text preview: elephony in the 1990s ( COST248 Report). Farsta: Telia. 16 G rinter, R. E. and Eldridge, M. A. (2001). y do tngrs luv 2 txt msg?. In ECSCW ’ 0 1 : P roceedings of the seventh conference on European Conference on Computer Supported C ooperative Work , Norwell, MA, USA, 2001 (pp. 219 -238). Kluwer Academic Publishers. K atz, J. and Aakhus, M. (Eds.), 2002. Perpetual contact: Mobile communication, private t alk, public performance. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 17 L ing, R. and Yttri, B. (2002). Micro and hyper -coordination through the use of the mobile t elephone. In Katz, J. and Aakhus, M. (Eds.), P erpetual contact: Mobile communication, private t alk, public performance . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 18 R heingold, Howard. (2002) S mart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution . Perseus Publishing, C ambridge, MA. 19 L icoppe, Christian. (2004). ‘ Connected presence: the emergence of a new repertoire for m anaging social relationships in a changing communications technoscape.' E nvironment and p lanning: Society and space, 2 2 , 1...
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