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25 as of september 2009 75 of american teens ages 12

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Unformatted text preview: n Life. (2006). University o f Michigan: Ann Arbor, MI. Accessed from h ttp://itudcmc.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/onthemove1.pdf o n March 24, 2010 Chapter One: The basics of how teens acquire and use mobile phones Overview Cell phones are now well integrated into the lives of American teens and their families. 25 As of September 2009, 75% of American teens ages 12 -17 have a cell phone, a number that has steadily increased from 45% of teens in November 2004. Fully 90% of parents of teens ages 12 -17 have a cell phone, a percentage that has remained steady since 2006. Cell phones have become increasingly important modes for intra -family and external communication. For families reached for this survey on a landline who have both cell phones and a landline in their lives, one -quarter (23%) of parents report that they receive all or almost all of their calls on a cell phone, and another half of parents (54%) say that they receive some of their calls on a cell phone and some of them on a landline ph...
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