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5 new data forthcoming on latino youth and their

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Unformatted text preview: ew data forthcoming on Latino youth and their communication choices Forthcoming from the Pew Hispanic Center, a sister project to the Pew Internet Project, is a new report about the ways young Latinos, ages 16 to 25, communicate with each other. This report will contain results based on a national survey of Hispanics conducted in the fall of 2009. Over 1,200 young Latinos were asked about the ways they communicate with each other, whether through text messaging, face -to -face contact, email or social network sites. This new forthcoming report is a follow -up to the report "Between Two Worlds: How Young Latinos Come of Age in America," and will be available online at http://www.pewhispanic.org NOTES 1 U nless otherwise noted, all data in this report refers to cell phone -owning teens. 2 T his 72% of teens who text figure is slightly different than previous "teens who text" n umbers that we have released. The difference lies in the question wording. For this q uestion, we asked about teens texting friends, but we did not specify the platform ( computer, cell phone) on which the texting was ta...
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