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A majority of teens 62 say that they can have a cell

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Unformatted text preview: self to others with your phone. As noted above, these relationships do not suggest causality. Parental limitations may, for example, be implemented after they have discovered distressing material on their teen ’s phone or otherwise in response to some negative cell phone related incident, rather than as a preemptive move. Teens who have parents that monitor their location using the cell phone are generally not aware that their parents are monitoring them - 17% say their parents monitor their location with the phone, compared with 48% of parents who say they monitor their child ’s location. There is also a relationship between parents who monitor their child ’s whereabouts with the phone and teens reporting harassment through their phone – a larger percentage (30%) of teens with monitoring parents report harassment through the phone compared with 22% of teens whose parents do not monitor their location with the phone. Of course it may be that a teen who experiences harassment triggers a greater level of monitoring in parents...
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