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Among african american cell owning teens 91 say they

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Unformatted text preview: But statements like these were the exception. Teens in the focus groups more commonly described themselves as feeling "lost," "naked" or "exposed" when they are without their phones. In the words of one high school girl, l I know I never consider myself a person who is constantly on the phone, but then when I lost it for a couple of days I felt …I felt really exposed. I felt like I was missing a lot. Because I feel like it becomes almost like a security blanket, you know you can contact anybody if you have to. You can talk to a friend if you have to and even if you don ’t, just the idea that you have it there in case you need it. I feel most people feel really uncomfortable when you don ’t have it. Like, what if my mom was in an accident, what if she ’s not going to pick me up, what do I do then? I don ’t know what to do, and so even though I ’m not constantly on it, without it, it is a little unnerving. More than 4 in 5 teens with cell phones sleep with the phone on or near the bed. To explore the how teens manage the deep connection some have with their cell phones, the survey a...
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