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And like the worst thing is like when people keep

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Unformatted text preview: if you got a text from me, it meant that you were important enough. … I mean it sounds, it sounds really stupid [group is laughing] but I didn ’t want to waste my limited texts." Part 2: The state of voice calling on the cell phone. While texting is the most common use of the cell phone among teens, talking on the device is also a central function. Voice interaction provides teens with access to friends and parents. The convenience of the cell phone means that they are never out of touch. This is both a positive and a negative thing in the eyes of the teens. As one younger high school -age boy said: l The best thing [with the cell phone] is that it ’s so convenient and you can just talk to people all the time, and like even if you ’re not at home. And like, the worst thing is like, when people keep calling you or like, it just gets annoying. Girls & American Life Project Pew Internet are more likely than boys to call friends every day. Teens and Mobile Phones | 60 Almost all teens with cell phones (94%) say they use the phone to talk...
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