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Another 4 say they are likely to use both methods to

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Unformatted text preview: referred talking to their friends rather than texting them. Another 5% of texting teens said they were equally likely to call or text. Conversely, 78% of text -using teens say they are more likely to use voice communication when they needed to talk to their parents. Just 18% of teens said that they were most likely to text their parents when reaching out and 4% were equally likely to call or text. As a high school boy in our focus groups noted, "I call my parents mostly, more so than text them, and then if, like, with my friends, if we need to get like set plans or something, we ’ll kind of like call because it ’s kind of like a lot less time than texting back and forth and waiting." Text -using teens are split on their preferred method for talking to siblings or other family members; 55% of these teens say they were most likely to talk by voice with brothers, sisters and other family, while 38% say they are most apt to text with other family members. Another 4% say they are likely to use both methods to reach out to family. Parents and siblings aren ’t uniform in their preferred modes of communication. Many teens in the f...
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