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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

Anybody else not have a land line just a cell phone

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Unformatted text preview: ly face -to face social interaction than are younger teen girls (ages 12 -13). Some 35% of the teen boys and 36% of the older teen girls report daily face -to -face interaction outside of school. By contrast, only 22% of the younger teen girls report the same. Interestingly, internet users are also more active than non -internet users in face -to -face interaction: 34% of those who use the internet report daily face -to -face interaction, while only 18% of those who do not use the internet reported the same. Landline telephones: Fading as communications tools? Teen voice calling is not simply confined to mobile phones – the majority of American families with teens still have a landline telephone in their home and teens take advantage of it. Nearly one -third (30%) of teens report daily use of the landline telephone to contact their friends. Sixteen percent say that they never use the landline telephone for social interaction. Sometimes use of the landline is the most convenient, sometimes th...
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