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As much as they like their mobile phones teen owners

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Unformatted text preview: to make plans. As one younger high school boy described it, the week his phone was broken "was the boringest week of my life. The first day without my phone, like, I didn ’t text anybody. I felt like, ‘Where did all my friends go? ’ like I moved or something, because no one knew my house number. So I just sat there, and it was during summer break too!" Another high school -age boy said that when he was without his phone, he stayed home rather than go to the trouble of walking to his friend ’s house to see if he was home. Not only did teens extol the virtues of phones for making social plans with friends, they also cited many examples of ways that their cell phones allow them to coordinate the activities of social groups to which they belong, such as school clubs and sports teams. It was not uncommon, teens told us, for coaches, captains, counselors and fellow teens to text important messages to the group, such as whether activities were canceled, where meetings would take place, and the like. Interestingly, the teens in the focus groups recognized a trade -off in this element of cell phones as well. As one high school girl expressed it, while cell phones allow teens to change plans on the fly, that also means "plans can be more tentative because you can change them o...
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