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As one middle school boy explained if i m sitting and

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Unformatted text preview: a book! No I shouldn ’t, I should have my phone! ’ And it just really sucks. But actually, like if you really think about how much you use your phone and how much more you could be doing with your time, if you look at it like that, then you are really wasting a lot of time. Apart from the social and safety functions of cell phones, teens clearly utilize them as a tool for personal enjoyment, made easier with the increasingly advanced features of today ’s cell phones. Going off the grid – the coping strategy that works for half of teen cell owners. For some teens, the mobile phone isn ’t something that must remain on and connected at all time. Half of those ages 12 -17 who own cells (50%) agree with the statement: "I occasionally turn off my cell phone when I do not have to do so." Teens who have prepaid plans are more likely than those on family or individual cell plans to say they shut off the phone from time to time. Some 61% of those on prepaid plans shut the phone off occasionally vs. 48% of those on family plans and 47%...
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